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Promote Your Book On Whizbuzz Books

Submitting your book for promotion on Whizbuzz Books is very easy.

Your book will be promoted on our website, to well over half a million real Twitter users, as well as on our popular Facebook Page plus on Pinterest.

Yes, set and forget, low cost book promotion for one full year.

Whizbuzz Books is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your book noticed by readers. Once you book is listed, sit back, relax and let us do all the book promotion work for you.

You will get one whole year of book promotion for only US$49.00 per book.

What's Included in the price

√ One whole year on Twitter. Whizbuzz will post your book on Twitter for one year via our @whizbuzz   @justpublishing  and @reader_writer accounts on a regular and rotational basis to over 350,000 followers.

√ One whole year on Facebook. Whizbuzz will post your book rotationally on our Whizbuzz Facebook Page.

New! One whole year on Google+. Whizbuzz will post your book rotationally on Google+.

√ Your book and author entries will remain listed on Whizbuzz Books indefinitely.

√ Your book cover will be featured on the front page of our website for a minimum of fourteen days after posting.

√ You can add your book to two Genres. Please choose from our list of genres on our site. Your book will remain listed indefinitely in our genre pages.

√ Your book post will be sent out to well over 600,000 genuine book, publishing and writing related Twitter followers, plus our popular Facebook Page, on the day of publishing. (Our Twitter reach and social statistics are available for you to view here.)

√ Your book will be included in our related posts feature, More Good Reads, which features 12 books selected randomly on every book page, and ensures your book will be featured rotationally for 12 months on all other Whizbuzz book posts.

√ Your book will be featured rotationally for 12 months in our 100 Book Picks page.

√ Your book may appear in Most Popular Books This Month. The calculation of this display is by books with the most page views over 30 days. (Sharing your book post on social media is a great way to attract more page views.)

√ You will be listed in the Whizbuzz Author list if you provide a link to your author website.

√ You will be listed in the Whizbuzz Author Blog list if you provide a link to your author blog.

√ Your book cover will be promoted by Whizbuzz Books on Pinterest.

√ Your book will be continuously featured on our real time social media BUZZ page.

√ Yes, all of the above book promotion for only $49.00!

What do I Need to submit

Have the following information ready to complete your submission.

√ Your name (or author pen name if applicable)

√ Your Paypal name or Paypal email address.

√ Your book title (and subtitle if applicable)

√ Your ISBN 10 and/or ebook ASIN number/s.

√ Your book description. A well written 200-300 word description of your book. Please do not include links in your book description. Add them to the links section.

√ Your book genres. Select a maximum of 2 genres. Please select from the genres listed on our website.

√ Your website address and social media links: Include your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page etc. (Maximum of 4)

√ The website URL address link to your book page on Amazon.

Please note: Erotica Titles. Yes, we promote erotic titles but cannot accept books with explicit cover images, or book descriptions containing offensive language. If you are unsure, please contact us before paying for your submission, with any questions you may have regarding your book’s acceptability.

Start your book submission

Click the Pay Buttons button below to complete your Paypal purchase. You will then be automatically directed to our submission form where you will enter all your book information.

After you send your submission we will advise you by email within 24 hours of your book’s confirmed posting date in our publishing queue.

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Please Contact Us immediately if Paypal does not redirect you to our Book Submission Form following your payment.

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