The Wall : Travis FreyThe Wall: A Novella

Young Eddie Carter lives with his parents in Maxwell, Pennsylvania. His parents are hard on him, especially his father Brian Carter.

Brian pushes Eddie hard to get a job, oh look there is an opening at the St. Stephen’s Children’s Hospital…

Come join Eddie as he starts his new career in the Children’s Hospital. Eddie’s best friend since the third grade, Tony Matthews also works at the hospital so this should be a fun and easy time… Just stay out of the basement, especially the east end, right before you reach the morgue…

There’s a painting on the wall… A big eerie, disgusting looking mouse. It stares back at you, with those eyes all big and you instantly feel something, something truly evil in the eyes of this mouse painting…

Stay out of the East end Eddie! Oh no, Eddie has gone towards it. The feeling in the air begins to change, hard to breathe, uneasiness hits Eddie right as he turns the corner and faces the painting…

Eddie should run but he doesn’t? Why doesn’t he run? Something moves… off in the distance, Eddie can’t help to think what could it be?

Suddenly a loud scream… EEKKKKKKKKKK!!! Find out what happens to Eddie!!!

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