The Last Shall Be the First and the First Shall Be the Last : Joseph Darrell WalkerThe truth in spirit flows eternally forward the body lies to the spirit and it flows eternally reverse/revere from truth, those who are stuck in the material plain will live Revelation and those who follow after the spirit find truth, what Jesus did was healed the spirit and the body. Those who seek the end in Revelations will find it and those who seek the truth in the beginning will find the veil leaving their eyes.

Judgement comes to only those who judge, you have your will of creation upon all creation so judge not less ye be, judged yourself. All is forgiven, death/darkness took possession of all word, it is only his fault. Everything I’ve learned, I have learned on my own. I have never read the Bible till after I had my dreams with Jesus, he himself explained things to me. I explained everything in my book.

Everyone has all word of creation upon them, each word has their own cell of aura, it is a firmament as this Galactic cell is the body of Christ, it has an aura and you are a word of creation within the body of Christ, you live the body of Christ and he has already died for your sins, that has enabled him as The Lord of Hosts. Within the handshake of all things, Jesus was the Body, he lived the experience of the spirit of the most high and the will of the father is the will within the body of Christ he gets to live the body of Christ with no powers, only faith, he will only present himself by the word and he stands firm with all the word. Genesis, Moses is not leading us into the book of word he is leading us out, back to the beginning. (Example) God placed a firmament between all the word and us as word have been placed within a six feet firmament caused by the corona-tion/crown lasted a year.

Next is the (word was God) goes on all this year. Next year the word will start understanding these things and it will be, the (word was with God.) Next year after the word will have their full understanding of these things and God will be one with (the Word) as they are the bride to the body of Messiah, then Jesus by will, have ascended to the father, Jesus is proof that even death will experience life. (Bible says, God comes by the truth of your heart is your crown)means/corona, it is also your body and your Galactic cell upon Omega. We are the word of God and our actions are the signs of word, welcome to the corona/tion. Each sentence in the Bible is a sentence from order and each sentence is a year sentence as (1 in the beginning was the word) and (2 the word was with God) and (3 the word was God) (4 and the corona/crown has placed us as word six feet of firmament from each other.) Truth of word flows eternally forward as the distortion of truth is number, numb/cold power numb/ber.

The multitudes are being taken back from death/darkness as legion is many, took everything from all the word. The light in the darkness is this grain of earth within this universal body and it is protecting all of life as you have a Galactic cell out there and this Galactic cell we are in right now is the body of Christ, you live the body of Christ within Omega as you have all word/will of creation upon you, within each cell is a throne, for all word of creation, you have your will/word of creation upon equal me/a/sure, you are a universal body, when this is over you will be shown all your action and consequence upon your Galactic realm and when trust is earnt you will claim your universal body again, within this multiverse. (universe/unity of verse/unity of word.

I wrote a book it is all over the world, the book is called, The Last Shall Be the First and the First Shall Be the Last by Joseph Darrell Walker. If you know the Bible then you will know everything. Voices in head are not mental, think positive and legion as he is many will leave. Genesis/Moses isn’t leading us into the darkness, he is walking us out of it, so read 4,3,2,1, and it will make better sense. All things fall, back to GOD, Isaiah 11;12. The more you wake people up, by that measure has woke up unto you so speak truth to the fullest and you will find faith walking within you.

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The Last Shall Be the First and the First Shall Be the Last : Joseph Darrell Walker

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