The Golden Dice: A Tale of Ancient Rome : Elisabeth Storrs

The Golden Dice: A Tale of Ancient Rome : Elisabeth Storrs

The Golden Dice: A Tale of Ancient Rome During a ten year siege between two age-old enemies, three women follow very different paths to survive: Caecilia, a young Roman woman, forsakes her city by marrying the Etruscan Vel Mastarna, exposing herself to the enmity of his people and the hatred of the Romans who consider her a traitoress… Semni, a reckless Etruscan girl, becomes a servant in the House of Mastarna, embroiling herself in schemes that threaten Caecilia’s children and her own chance for romance… Pinna, a tomb whore, uses blackmail to escape her grim life and gain the attention of Rome’s greatest general, choosing between her love for him and her loyalty to another… Historical Fiction at its best,

The Wedding Shroud – A Tale of Ancient Rome : Elisabeth Storrs

The Wedding Shroud – A Tale of Ancient Rome : Elisabeth Storrs

The Wedding Shroud – A Tale of Ancient Rome ‘a sensitivity to the realities of life in a very different time and world’ Ursula Le Guin In 406 BC, to seal a tenuous truce, the young Roman Caecilia is wedded to Vel Mastarna, an Etruscan nobleman from the city of Veii. The fledgling Republic lies only twelve miles across the Tiber from its neighbour, but the cities are from opposing worlds so different are their customs and beliefs. Leaving behind a righteous society, Caecilia is determined to remain true to Roman virtues while living among the sinful Etruscans. Instead she finds herself tempted by a mystical, hedonistic culture which offers pleasure and independence to women as well as a chance

HELP, I’m Moving Out on My Own : Deborah Bateman

HELP, I'm Moving Out on My Own

HELP, I’m Moving Out on My Own A guide for Parents and Teens. A must read guide designed for parents and teen to move toward independence. This book will help parents openly discuss important topics and empower teens to make better choices. Chapters include insights on topics including, but not limited to; relationships and dating, sex, school, money, shopping, job interviews and roommates!! A great gift for the graduate. This book was co-authored with Linda Levin.   Book Links Website On Amazon  

McKnight’s Memory : Paul Kyriazi

McKnight's Memory

McKnight’s Memory CIA Chief James McKnight has three problems – Amnesia, the Mafia and his addiction to the Ultimate Woman CIA Chief, James McKnight wakes up in a small Colombian Village in the middle of a drug raid with no memory. Returning to Washington D.C. Things get worse as he finds out the Mafia has a contract out on his life. His only solace in this deadly situation is Carla, the woman he is living with, but can’t remember. She is the most beautiful and erotic woman that McKnight could imagine. With his life in danger, can he trust her? The jungles of Colombia, the monuments of Washington D.C., the gambling tables of Atlantic City all have dangers awaiting him.

The Extended Journeys of a Different Necromancer : James J. Crofoot

The Extended Journeys of a Different Necromancer

The Extended Journeys of a Different Necromancer At Chris’ ‘urgings’ Thomas agrees reluctantly to attend the coronation of the Prince and Princess, Kaly and Aurora A coronation he helped bring about. His magic he sometimes wishes he never learned changes. What the necromancer doesn’t know is slavers are raiding the coast, putting his family in danger’s path. Again and again he is called upon to use the magic he will see die, but now…now he pulls together all he knows to save his beacon of sanity. No matter the cost.     Book Links Goodreads Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Battle Cry : Kris Power

Battle Cry

Battle Cry : Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life When the battles of life are raging, it is easy to feel forsaken and hopeless. Moving forward can seem like a daily fight, with no hope for true healing. When we are hit with tragedy—the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, an illness, or a divorce—we need more than a simple pick-me-up. We need someone to walk alongside us and lighten our load. We desperately need the hope of a Savior and Friend. In Battle Cry: Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life, author Kris Power shares her story of suffering while challenging you to dig deep and find healing. She opens her heart

Having a Whaley of a Time : Donna Keeley

Having a Whaley of a Time

Having a Whaley of a Time “Having a Whaley of a Time” is the first book in the Paranormal Mystery series by Donna Keeley. The books blend fact and fiction by weaving a fictional mystery that takes place in real, historical places. Documented ghosts from the location are incorporated into the story. The series centers on former investigative reporter Shannon MacIntyre who finds she can see and speak to ghosts following a near-death experience. Being so grounded in fact it’s a difficult transition for Shannon, who tells the stories from her point of view and the sarcasm flows freely. The first book takes the reader through Shannon’s backstory, her near-fatal heart attack, and subsequent discovery of her new abilities. She

Congo Fantasy : Shirley Matthews

Congo Fantasy

Congo Fantasy Three best friends have just finished school and made ambitious plans to become rich and famous. Duncan, the dreamer, reads a book about a group of explorers who venture into the Congo to hunt for lost tribes. Jason, always adventurous, is easy to persuade. Together they encourage the quiet and timid Simon, whose dream is to become a photographer, to join them. While their plan was still in progress, Duncan goes on a fishing trip with his father and gets caught in a pig stampede. He captures a baby crocodile and plans to take it home. Jason has just bought a motorbike and hopes to travel around Australia. After meeting three other boys, they ran into trouble when