The Yoga of Sailing : Dyana Wells

The Yoga of Sailing

The Yoga of Sailing Sailing – a life on the ocean that can be like an extreme sport, with all the pressures, emergencies, delights and exhilarations. Alice enjoys sailing, the thrill, the exhilarating physicality of the tug of war with nature. That’s with nature, not against it, because Alice feels more in tune with the sea and land and wide seascapes than, often times, her family. Alice’s determination to investigate the real meaning of life, on an ocean wave, turns into an adventure that’s revealing and disturbing. She rides the inner and outer storms of each new experience – sailing, cycling, backpacking – and falls into an encounter with life that is mystical and earthy. The Yoga of Sailing details the

Flowers In December : Jane Suen

Flowers In December

Flowers In December A man goes home to bury his mother but finds himself. Connor Norton returns to his hometown, following the death of his mother, knowing that he will have to confront personal feelings of guilt and regret. It is a place he has barely set foot in for the past 20 years. Caught in the period of his life where the vibrancy of youth has diminished and the prospect of becoming middle-aged is looming, Connor finds that he is suddenly alone in the world and must somehow reshape his future and face his own mortality. With only Tom, the family’s orange tabby cat, as his constant companion, he considers new possibilities and new directions. But will Connor be

Fated Memories : Joan Carney

Fated Memories

Fated Memories PNWA AWARD WINNING NOVEL OF TIME TRAVEL AND ROMANCE A woman, a war, a vision of the future past… Burdened with the scars of a tortured childhood and a shattered romance, Kitty is being forced to resign from the dull, anonymous job she’s been hiding behind. With her life in shambles and her friends moving on without her, she jumps at her cousin, Maggie’s, invitation to visit. However, Maggie’s new boyfriend, Simon, has a secret that accidentally hurls the trio a hundred and fifty years into the past. Trapped in the midst of the bloodiest war in American history, and acutely aware their actions might trigger a butterfly effect on the future, the events that unfold will require

The Road to War : Steven Burgauer

The Road to War

The Road to War : Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture A riveting first-person account of a brave young man caught up in a cataclysmic World War. This is the story of Captain William C. Frodsham, Jr., who — shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor — enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry, where he excelled in basic training, became a junior officer, and eventually led a combat boat team ashore on OMAHA BEACH. Six days later, in French hedgerow country and under withering German fire, Frodsham was wounded and taken prisoner. He spent the next year as a German POW, where he suffered great deprivation before finally being liberated by advancing Russian forces. His training, his courage, his

Life Support : Nicole S. Brown

Life Support

Life Support This is a poetry journal depicting a thug Donnie Stacks traveling from wrong to right. Donnie Stacks is recovered from death in a lifelong walk of pursuing false wealth. The stealth is lost from Satan and gets taken over by the power of God. A nice young lady Nicole Broussard warns Donnie repeatedly of his demise. Visions are seen over and over again that Donnie will get beaten to death by so-called friends. As a result, Donnie rejects what the young lady sees while he is still being used by the power of the enemy. Donnie finally sees that she was telling the truth when it is too late and powerful punches is on his plate. Donnie receives

ARIA: Left Luggage : Geoff Nelder

ARIA: Left Luggage

ARIA: Left Luggage A silvery case is found in the external struts of the International Space Station (ISS). It is opened on Earth releasing a virus that causes retrograde amnesia at the rate of a year’s memory per week. No one is immune. It is tragic – as after a week or so people forget where their new homes and jobs are, and children lose speech, medicines are not produced. Yet there is humour – who is that you wake up next to, and did you both make out? Ryder realizes what’s going on in time to persuade a handful of professionals to barricade themselves in a remote Welsh valley. The uninfected crew of the ISS join them. Can they

A Glitch In The System : Adam Aust

A Glitch In The System

A Glitch In The System Angela Gianni lived a quiet, alternative life as a dominatrix on the outskirts of Los Angeles—until her closest friend and secret lover both disappeared, and a bloody corpse materialized in her beach bungalow. With no memory of the murder, and bodies piling up as fast as the incriminating evidence against her, Angela’s only hope may be F.B.I. agent John Bancroft and the potential link between his twelve-year-old cold case and her own. But with the walls closing in around her, and her circumstances turning from desperate to dire, Angela might not survive long enough to connect the dots . . . As a litigator in New York City and Washington, D.C., Adam Aust routinely saw

The Night Of The Eleventh Sun : Steven Burgauer

The Night of the Eleventh Sun

The Night of the Eleventh Sun This book — The Night of the Eleventh Sun — is what I would call speculative science fiction. I wondered to myself what actually happened some 40,000 years ago when the last of the Neanderthals met the first humans as early man spread west into Iberia. Thus was born this very well researched, but entirely fictional book. This book is Underground Reviews certified and I am a Goodreads Author. The book is available to you in Kindle form or pdf or hardcopy, at your choice. The fossil record is unclear. Did Neanderthal speak? Did he laugh, have music, feel love? Did he interact with Homo sapiens or get killed by him in mortal combat