he & She : Wayne Clark

he & She

he & She *** 5-star Silver Medal winner in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite Annual International Award Contest *** A Web photo of a dominatrix sends a man on a last-ditch attempt to feel truly alive one more time, even if it kills him. “… a stylish piece of literary fiction… intellectually engaging throughout. A finely drawn portrait of desire in its fall and winter seasons.”- BlueInk Review “…All in all, this is a delectable novel about a man exploring his unknown sexual fantasies at the price of possibly losing his true self along the way.”- Red City Review Growing numb to life, to his on-and-off girlfriend of many years, his career, even Scotch, a man turns fifty. He is a

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach : Bronwen Webb

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach What is the legend that Millie, Kate and Tom discover at Wild Horse Beach? Millie’s older sister, Lucinda, who is seen as a pest by the younger children, disappears from Wild Horse Beach in mysterious circumstances which reveal the true identity of the wild horses that give the beach its name. After learning that another child, Adam, disappeared from Wild Horse Beach in similar circumstances three years before, Millie, Kate and Tom decide to try to save Lucinda and Adam and travel through a magic gateway into a world where unicorns and dragons battle terrifying enemies. The children soon discover there is no way back to the human world without permission from the unicorn

Come Hell or High Water : Stephen Morris

Come Hell or High Water

Come Hell or High Water : The Complete Trilogy A historically rich page-turner set in medieval Eastern Europe…. Dark deeds of the past echo down through the years creating a monstrous memory that only an intrepid band of scholars can dispel. This gripping historic-fantasy trilogy erupts in 1356 as a witch’s curse rings out over Prague’s Old Town Square. As the old crone is bound to a stake and consumed by flames, her vengeful words set in motion a series of dark events that unfold across the centuries. Academics who have studied, but not previously practiced, magic struggle to return an Irish vampire-woman (summoned to Prague by the witch’s unwitting modern accomplice) to her grave and stop the unfolding of

Naturally, She’s Dreaming, Inspirational Art & Essays : Susan Lukas

Naturally, She's Dreaming

Naturally, She’s Dreaming, Inspirational Art & Essays From where does creativity come? With images and essays, Susan Lukas explores this question and prompts readers to reach for the stars and never give up in Naturally, She’s Dreaming, Inspirational Art & Essays Celebrate Nature and Art as the Spiritual Connection we all Have. Combining 32 of her dreamy digital collages with inspirational essays, she created a book that is somewhere between heaven and earth, and prompts readers to live their best life creatively and spiritually. It is for those searching for something more in life. Book Links Website Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Disposable Lives : Leslie Kohler

Disposable Lives

Disposable Lives COCKTAILS, CON MEN, CONSPIRACY! Maggie Leman leads a fairy tale life in California’s Newport Beach. When she finds an $899 environmental Miu Mo satchel stuffed into her husband’s golf bag, with a sexalacious note to My Bridget, Maggie’s so mad she wants to kill her husband. Instead, she scrawls I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG onto the over-priced tote. Maggie, with her alabaster skin and sable locks, not only looks like Snow White, but now feels like in the fairy tale, she’s bitten into the poison apple seeping venom into her life. When cheating golfer husbands start getting knocked off in sleazy motels with Miu Mo’s next to their bodies, Maggie’s childish scrawl makes her murder suspect Number

Awakening : Raymond Bolton


Awakening How does a world armed with bows, arrows and catapults, where steam power has only begun to replace horses and sailing ships, avert conquest from beyond the stars? In this epic fantasy set on another world, Regilius, the Prince of Ydron, awakens, his head filled with visions of murder and the uncanny awareness of creatures trying to kill him. He learns these would-be killers belong to a predatory alien species, the Dalthin, who enslave worlds telepathically and that he has been engineered to perceive these invaders in order to direct the world against them. But when his mother murders his father, the land descends into chaos and his task may prove impossible. Struggling to accept what he has learned,

The Best Gift : Wendy Markham

The Best Gift

The Best Gift (Signet Eclipse) Sometimes the best present is the future… USA Today bestselling author Wendy Markham’s heartwarming time-travel romance If Only in My Dreams was hailed as “a delight” (Booklist). Now the heroine of that unforgettable book returns in a holiday story of a love that once again transcends time… When Clara wakes up on Christmas morning next to her husband Drew, she’s filled with joy because she has the perfect present: she’s seven weeks pregnant with their first child. It’s the fairy-tale beginning that the couple has been wishing for. But no sooner does Clara tell Drew the wonderful news than an earthquake strikes in nearby San Francisco. The next thing Clara knows she’s waking up in

Redemption : Andi O’Connor

Redemption : Andi O’Connor

Redemption Huddled in the shadows, Jae watches while one of the Mé’Draak brands his cellmate as a slave before viciously dragging him from the room. Feeling the weight of the metal collar around his neck, Jae is left alone to contemplate his own fate. Will the afternoon session finally Break him? Will it kill him? Or will he end up like the boy, a helpless pawn neither living nor dead? Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon