Fresh Start: The Story of Sam: Book One : Sheila Hoeman

Fresh Start: The Story of Sam

Fresh Start: The Story of Sam: Book One Sam is 9 years old and devastated by the news that mum and dad are separating. He has to move to a new house and new school and plays football so badly he loses his place in the team. But then he meets his new neighbours and their dog Muttley and finds that a “Fresh Start” isn’t so bad after all. A sensitively written book that focuses on BOYS and single dads coming to terms with their new situation. BOYS (and girls) engage with Sam’s adventures (inc Time Travel!) and helps them deal with their feelings and emotions. Book Two “New Friends” continues his story. Enjoyed in schools and at home to

Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin Forbidden love.  A preacher’s daughter and an inmate. He’s even more dangerous than Anna suspected as he lures her in with his striking blue eyes and soft words. What is it about him that makes her want to know more, become obsessed with figuring Emry Logan out piece by piece? He has a secret he’s never told anyone before. She’s taken off guard with her own actions. She’s never let her thoughts drift this way or allowed her emotions to become this out of control. Life had always been so simple before Emry Logan showed an interest in her as well. Then he proves his secret to her.  He belongs to another world.  She can’t believe what

Treasures On Your Doorstep : Julia Lynam

Treasures On Your Doorstep

Treasures On Your Doorstep – The other national parks of the USA They belong to you (if you’re a US citizen) and they’re right there, on your doorstep, offering endless delight. What are they? 401 national park properties, telling the story of this nation from before time began. If you’ve visited the “biggies” now get the rest of the story! “Treasures On Your Doorstep” opens the way to finding and enjoying all these wonderful places! And it’s a fun book, well written and charmingly illustrated. Author Julia Lynam says: “In the middle of a life of storytelling and adventure, I found myself donning a ranger hat and beginning my own unexpected journey of discovery of the national park system of

Thoughts Of A Pure Mind : Calvin Bland

Thoughts of a Pure Mind

Thoughts of a Pure Mind: Find Power in Your Thoughts “Thoughts of a Pure Mind” is a down to earth metaphysical literary experience. You are invited to embark on a journey deep into your own thoughts and emotions. You will learn the tremendous power in your own thoughts. “Thoughts of a Pure Mind” will in each chapter, help you to explore another emotion, perception or mental challenge. You will develop a stronger sense of control and clarification. You will experience a clearing of misconceptions to reveal your own pure thoughts. Here is where you will develop a greater sense of empowerment. Your mental empowerment will strongly influence your confidence at work, in relationships, at school, during competitions, and in life.

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact : Jana Petken

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact : Jana Petken

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact A historical family saga spanning four generations, from 1912, Kent, England, to Spain and it 1936-39 Spanish civil war. Celia and Ernesto’s two sons march under opposing banners, whilst their daughters take different paths, one to the battlefields and the other to the Catholic Church, and in the shadow of war, an evil ghostly figure from the past, watches and waits for the opportunity to destroy the entire family. Ernesto and Celia, in exile, can only wait and pray for their children and their safe return home. Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Closet : Eric John Swanson


Closet Derek just graduated from seminary and is having a hard time finding a job. Out of frustration he starts to read a book with all the answers, but all it does is open a dark portal to another world. A gruesome looking demon and his sinister servant Sally leverage this opportunity to kidnap his wife and mentally disabled son. Now Derek must enter the closet to embark on a nightmarish adventure into the depths where no man would dare to go. But Derek is not alone. The Holy Spirit comes to aid him on this quest, but will this be enough? Will Derek listen to what the Spirit is telling him or will he give into fear and lose

Code Human : N. Paige

Code Human

Code Human It only takes a few seconds for your life to change; for everything you believed in to become lies; for lies to become hate; and for hate to lead to an uprising. Fenesia Thornbark believes that her life will remain the same, forever, in a autocratic society, where she and others like her are the chosen, and call themselves Purestkind, far above the others who are called Underkind, including the Shillers, the Rubrics, and the Besmirchians, untill one day, at the start of an uprising, she, and the rest of her family are marked as traitors to the Purest government because they dared to show their humanity; they dared to sympathize with the Underkind. And now, are forced

Pegasus to Paradise : Michael Tappenden

Pegasus to Paradise : Michael Tappenden

Pegasus to Paradise Ted and Florrie were childhood sweethearts who in 1936 married at the church on top of the Hill where they both lived, unaware of the dark rumblings from Europe, which in a few short years were to change their lives for ever. Ted is called up in 1940 and joins an elite Airborne glider force tasked with attacking, capturing and holding bridges in enemy-held Normandy, vital to the success of the D-Day invasion. At sixteen minutes past midnight on 6 June 1944, he and his comrades clamber from the wreckage of their gliders and successfully capture and hold the Pegasus and Horsa bridges. From there he continues to fight at the bloody Rhine Crossing, across Germany until