Maybe It’s You : Kathy L Wheeler

Maybe It’s You : Kathy L Wheeler

Maybe It’s You How can a girl who’s been rejected by Once Upon A Time ever believe that happily-ever-after even exists? Co-bookstore owner Lorianne Gentry is branded by deep-seeded insecurities. Abandonment issues surface when she finds herself falling in love, totally pissing her off. Ashton Turner III was nobody’s Knight-in-Shining-Armor. He’d jumped off that horse a long time ago. The sex, however, was damned good. When Lorianne’s grandmother delivers life-altering news, his past explodes into the present. Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author On Amazon  

The Unlikely Heroine – Book II : Kae Elle Wheeler

The Unlikely Heroine - Book II

The Unlikely Heroine – Book II Pragmatic, hard-edged, Pricilla has no desire to marry and have a herd of squabbling children. She revels in her position as Chalmers Kingdom’s Land Agent. But things turn deadly when she and Prince Charming’s irresistible cousin, Sir Arnald, stumble upon a hoard of villains smuggling goods that could spell disaster for Chalmers. Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin : Sara V. Zook

Strange In Skin Forbidden love.  A preacher’s daughter and an inmate. He’s even more dangerous than Anna suspected as he lures her in with his striking blue eyes and soft words. What is it about him that makes her want to know more, become obsessed with figuring Emry Logan out piece by piece? He has a secret he’s never told anyone before. She’s taken off guard with her own actions. She’s never let her thoughts drift this way or allowed her emotions to become this out of control. Life had always been so simple before Emry Logan showed an interest in her as well. Then he proves his secret to her.  He belongs to another world.  She can’t believe what

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact : Jana Petken

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact : Jana Petken

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact A historical family saga spanning four generations, from 1912, Kent, England, to Spain and it 1936-39 Spanish civil war. Celia and Ernesto’s two sons march under opposing banners, whilst their daughters take different paths, one to the battlefields and the other to the Catholic Church, and in the shadow of war, an evil ghostly figure from the past, watches and waits for the opportunity to destroy the entire family. Ernesto and Celia, in exile, can only wait and pray for their children and their safe return home. Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Dead Letter : Marc Kuhn

Dead Letter

Dead Letter Robert and Sandra are two young lovers whose quest to be together forever is challenged by misguided jealousy and a great world war. They grew up together in the small town of Centreville on the scenic Corsica River that streams outward from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This is the land of pleasant living along the great Chesapeake Bay. It is a rich and bountiful environment where resilient people have lived for generations and where a usually tranquil lifestyle remains undisturbed…until a letter mailed forty years earlier finally reaches its destination. A dead letter is undeliverable. Some or all of the information on the envelope is indecipherable or destroyed. Only authorized personnel are permitted to open a dead

Closet : Eric John Swanson


Closet Derek just graduated from seminary and is having a hard time finding a job. Out of frustration he starts to read a book with all the answers, but all it does is open a dark portal to another world. A gruesome looking demon and his sinister servant Sally leverage this opportunity to kidnap his wife and mentally disabled son. Now Derek must enter the closet to embark on a nightmarish adventure into the depths where no man would dare to go. But Derek is not alone. The Holy Spirit comes to aid him on this quest, but will this be enough? Will Derek listen to what the Spirit is telling him or will he give into fear and lose

A Game of Proof : Tim Vicary

A Game Of Proof

A Game of Proof: A Mother’s Fight To Defend Her Son Sarah Newby became pregnant in the back of a Ford Cortina at the age of 15. She left school to bring up her son as a single parent on one of the worst council estates in Leeds. From this disastrous beginning she has worked her way up, by sheer strength of character, to begin a career as a criminal barrister. But just as her career is  beginning to take off, her own son, Simon, is arrested and charged with a series of brutal rapes and murders. The evidence against him is so strong that his QC advises a guilty plea, but Simon swears he is innocent and begs his