The Gifting : Anne Brooke

The Gifting

The Gifting (The Gathandrian Trilogy Book 1) Simon Hartstongue is a mind-reader, and branded a coward and a murderer. When his overlord and lover Ralph Tregannon turns against him, he is forced to embark on a treacherous journey to the distant and magical land of Gathandria in order to save his country and his own soul. During a series of terrifying trials, Simon must encounter the trickery of the deadly Mind Executioner as well as the secret dealings of those he ought to trust. The Gifting is the first book in the Gathandrian Trilogy. Reviews: “The Gifting is a unique fantasy where mental and physical worlds merge in a flight of unrestrained imagination. Unlike much fantasy I’ve read lately, this

Vector – A Modern Love Story : J.J.Brown

Vector - A Modern Love Story

Vector – A Modern Love Story Vector, a Modern Love Story, is told as a doctor’s experience with his patients in New York City, their intertwined lives and loves. The doctor balances concern for his patients’ health with conflicting emotions as he discovers the connections between them. Two of his patients’ lives collide unexpectedly in a tragic affair; a young opera student Eva, and her mentor Michael, a successful older man. Michael runs a philanthropic Foundation for healthcare along with the doctor, based in New York City and in South Africa. Eva knows that Michael fascinates her, but she does not know that he is a dangerous man. Pursuing her desire for Michael as she matures from student to woman,

The House : Sebastiana Randone

The House

The House Dressed only in a torn night dress, a woman, late one afternoon finds herself mysteriously in an ancient forest. An unwelcoming house soon appears. With night moving in, and facing the prospect of remaining in a forest inhabited by wolves and predators, reluctantly, she seeks refuge there. Once inside feasted by lavish surrounds, she enters an enchanting room and is transported magically to a Georgian estate. Here, a baleful altercation with a beastly Lord (archetype to the wolf in traditional tales) sets the tone for this narrative. Unable to escape, she remains in this somber setting, interacting with a curiously dysfunctional household. Finally, she returns to the enigmatic house, where a magic portal sends her to Regency London.

Seven Beyond : Stella Atrium

Seven Beyond

Seven Beyond Dr. Christopher Meenins is 800 years old and doesn’t remember his past. Accompanying him on a journey of discovery are the powerful Lady Drasher Tasgneganz, the pedantic Dr. Virgil Grammario, the mysterious—and possibly alien—Linda Deemer. Christopher is haunted by memories of alien places and of a race called the Longists. The group travels to the one place on Earth the Longists might reappear: a remote abbey inhabited by an order of nuns known for their mystical insights and quality brandy. Memories of David Shanklen—once Meenins’ patient and perhaps also his mentor—trouble Christopher’s dreams. Shanklen claimed that he was kept prisoner in an alien zoo maintained by the Longists. Through Shanklen, Christopher must confront the secrets of his past

Desire and Prejudice : Jean-Louis McMillan

Desire and Prejudice

Desire and Prejudice Desire and Prejudice is about the healing power of true lovemaking and the damning power of ethnic bias. When Jasmine and Adam first meet, they are both totally caught by surprise; their inner feelings are the magnetic force that draws them to each other. Their burning desires toward one another are unstoppable, but they are condemned by their separate lives – he is a French official and she is a Muslim. They find ways to be with each other when they couldn’t. The poetic letter takes the reader into the minds of two lovers desperately wanting one another, but each holding back because of their cultural backgrounds and the fear of getting caught in their dangerous game.

A Night at the Asylum : Jade McCahon

A Night at the Asylum

A Night at the Asylum Sara Featherstone is a loser. At twenty she is still indentured to her parents, her best friend is a closet clairvoyant, and her long-time boyfriend has just dumped her and refuses to tell her why. Five years ago her world ended with her brother, Tommy, running his motorcycle into a tree, and the life she might have lived had never started. Catapulted into the dark streets after a “visitation” from Tommy, Sara has no idea that all that wasted time is about to catch up with her. A chance encounter with a man wielding a knife sets in motion a chain of events so bizarre that Sara will soon question everything she has ever believed.

Bradford Place : Marie Dunn

Bradford Place

Bradford Place The sequel to A THOUSAND AWKWARD MOMENTS. A feel good novel about a newly divorced woman who conquers life’s challenging moments with the help of girlfriends, wine and humor. The mysteries of the old house on Bradford Place unfold as Diane and her girlfriends investigate the background of the ghost that tries to rule her life. Diane is caught in a complicated love triangle with a sexy ghost, a gorgeous bad boy, and a long distance relationship. Men, work, gossip and ghosts continue to provide comedy and insight for Diane and her girlfriends as they each navigate their single status to find their happily ever after. Book Links Website Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Twice Bitten : Jens Kuhn and Derek Haines

Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten Twice Bitten by Derek Haines and Jens Kuhn, featuring Escape in Venice and My Takeaway Vampire. Antonia and Agatha have been around for over 300 years and each have their own unique ways of dealing with their immortality. From the romantic canal-ways of the Venice of the 18th century, to the modern, industrialised wasteland of a small forgotten town, follow their stories to discover that you can’t always believe everything you thought you knew about vampires. The prequel to The Gripsholm Mystery is now released. The novella, Escape in Venice by Jens Kuhn, is set 150 years earlier and puts Antonia in beautiful and salacious 18th century Venice. “Antonia shivered. It was getting cold and dark, perhaps this