Anonymous : P. Sherman


Anonymous Full of suspense, mystery, and drama, this thrilling page-turner opens with a young man siting perched at his laptop at a popular café in Paris de Amour when, all of a sudden, he catches the reflection of an unidentified shadow on his computer screen. He swiftly packs up his belongings and runs off into the crowded town hub, desperately trying to escape the shadowy figure stalking behind him! The young man’s name is Jake, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Jake’s true identity is that of a computer hacker associated with the infamous hacker organization ANONYMOUS! And so, there are numerous forces out to find him, some determined to expose him and others determined

Aba and Shamana : Cynthia L Floriani

Aba and Shamana

Aba and Shamana The story is set in a fictitious Middle Eastern region two thousand years ago. The tale begins with the arrival of a mysterious stranger to a goat herder’s campsite, who captivates a little girl named Alimud with a story about a giant donkey and his young mistress who cared for him. The story is ultimately one of Love and Friendship between an unusual giant donkey named Aba that has preternatural abilities, which also includes having a very strong intuition unlike any other animal, and of Shamana his young mistress who, after the death of his mother Jenna, raises Aba from a gangly foal to become a mammoth donkey that reaches over two meters in height. Aba is

An Unproven Concept : James Young

An Unproven Concept : James Young

An Unproven Concept “I loved this book. The action sequences are of epic proportions. It opens on a bang and just keeps going from there.”–Twisted Sci Fi, 4.5 / 5 Stars The Confederation of Man has overseen humanity’s prosperous expansion for almost eight centuries, with the Confederation Fleet its bulwark against all enemies both internal and external. Despite its numerous successes, the Fleet is a shield that is becoming warped by the schism between its Carrier and Line factions. In the year 3050, Fleet Admiral Malinverni has overseen the design and commissioning of a vessel intended to merge the best of both factions: the battlecruiser Constitution. Intended as a harbinger of a better future, the Constitution is considered a flawed

The Five Tors : Benjamin Ford

The Five Tors

The Five Tors In the wilderness of Dartmoor in South-Eastern England there lies a village named Dorstville, and on its outskirts is a house named Naghene Hall. It is a house hidden from view to those who do not know of its existence. Buried beneath the house is an ancient evil from the dawn of time, which will awaken when the blood red moon of a lunar eclipse and a full moon on the winter solstice marks the Night of Madness, the night when a non-believer must be sacrificed to bring about Armageddon. Rob Tyler, author of thirteen horror novels, has been struggling to find ideas for his new book. When he receives a number of mysterious warnings to stay

Blood and Magic : Ann Gimpel

Blood and Magic : Ann Gimpel

Blood and Magic Magic didn’t just find Luke Caulfield. It chased him down, bludgeoned him, and has been dogging him ever since. Some lessons are harder than others. Luke survives by embracing danger and upping the ante to give it one better. An enforcer for the Coven, a large, established group of witches, his latest assignment is playing bodyguard to the daughter of Coven leaders. Abigail Ruskin is chaperoning a spoiled twelve-year-old from New York to her parents’ home in Utah Territory when Luke gets on their stagecoach in Colorado. A powerful witch herself, Abigail senses Luke’s magic, but he’s so overwhelmingly male, she shies away from contact. Stuck between the petulant child and Luke’s raw sexual energy, Abigail can’t

The Reckoning : Glyn Smith-Wild

The Reckoning

The Reckoning The Reckoning starts as Mary recovers from a near-fatal knife attack. Ben is convinced that Donald, her ex-lover, is responsible but persuading the authorities is proving impossible – he has no tangible evidence to support his theory. With the help of the English police, Interpol and a sexy undercover police officer in Paris, he continues his reconnaissance and pursuit of Donald, back and forth across the English Channel. One by one, the players are brought in and broken down, but not before they leave a trail of disaster. Underpinning the suspense are tales of romance for Ben and Mary, Katie and Georgina. The interactions of the characters and the storyline result in an exciting, unpredictable, and surprising finale.

Red Sky Morning : Greg Marion

Red Sky Morning : Greg Marion

Red Sky Morning Whether the world is ready or not, a new breed of secret agent has begun operating in the shadows. It’s the year 2032, and Mike Brennan finds his life in a seemingly downward spiral. Having lost almost everything, including his confidence, he is ready to give up his once successful career as an industrial spy. Before he has the chance to write himself off, Brennan unexpectedly finds himself assigned as a special agent to the President and is given the opportunity to change to course of America’s future—and his own. Before long, Brennan becomes tangled in a web of danger and conspiracy as the body count begins. He and his two friends attempt to disappear into the