The Heart of Discipline : Carmen Y. Reyes

The Heart of Discipline

The Heart of Discipline : For Parents: Understanding and Delivering Feedback, Criticism, and Corrections that Teach Positive Behavior The topic of this innovative guide is simple yet powerful: what adults say to children (the words we use) influences the way children behave. Feedback and criticism that convey high and positive expectations influence positive performance, but feedback and criticism that constantly remind children of inadequate performance and negative behavior reinforce the same low performance and behavior problems we wanted to extinguish in the first place. With more supportive and constructive language, parents and caregivers can make a huge difference in the way children behave; this is how influential our words and messages to children are. Therefore, if we want to change

Persuasive Discipline : Carmen Y. Reyes

Persuasive Discipline

Persuasive Discipline : Using Power Messages and Suggestions to Influence Children Toward Positive Behavior – Expanded Edition “Persuasive Discipline: Using Power Messages and Suggestions to Influence Children Toward Positive Behavior—Expanded Edition” is an education and teaching book by Carmen Y. Reyes, The Psycho-Educational Teacher. On this innovative guide, readers venture into the fascinating realm of persuasive communication, learning 40+ persuasion-based techniques that influence positive behavior in children. The most compelling lesson learned in this child discipline guide is that, to get better compliance from children, parents do not need flamboyant techniques or procedures; they just need better communication and persuasion skills. Generally speaking, persuasion is the process of communicating using just the right words to get the positive outcome we

Onyx Webb : Andrea Waltz

Onyx Webb

Onyx Webb : Book One Onyx Webb is a multi-genre mash-up that combines supernatural suspense, crime, horror, and a touch of romance. Finalist: National Indie Excellence Awards: Cross Genre. Onyx Webb is a ghost. Billionaire playboy Koda Mulvaney becomes obsessed with a girl he sees inside a mirror. Juniper Cole is on her way to the prom and… well, we don’t want to spoil anything… how all these events are related is part of the mystery that is, Onyx Webb. The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times. The billionaire Mulvaney family, piano prodigy Juniper Cole and her brother Quinn, paranormal show hosts Cryer and

Mike and Me : Anita Green Burkett and Jada Elise Mitchell

Mike and Me

Mike and Me – A Guide to Caring for the Grieving-Sensitivity Training for the Non-Grieving Countless others are grieving all over the globe for their loved ones. There are plenty of people who have endured more loss than I have, perhaps even losing many at once. Where there are those who grieve, there are those who do not know what to say. There are also those who think they know what to say to the grieving. I’m not certain which one’s words are more painful. This is my sensitivity training for the non-grieving. Remember, everyone is different, but this pointer would have helped me a great deal. Don’t ask, “How are you?” Perhaps a person could show concern and say,

The Grandfather Paradox : Steven Burgauer

The Grandfather Paradox : Steven Burgauer

The Grandfather Paradox Marooned in the present, their only hope for the future lay in the past. But first there was still the small matter of staying alive. The planet they were marooned on was crawling with bird-beasts, immense parrotlike carnivores that stood two meters tall, weighed upwards of fifty klogs, and had a giant scooped beak like a pelican. They normally swallowed their prey whole, though not before crushing them to death in their vise-like jaws. Then there were the vipers — writhing snake-like creatures armed with dozens of sucker-bearing tentacles. They sprayed their victims with acid, then ate them while they were still alive. But it got worse. Much worse . . . Now, join Andu Nehrengel and

Island Of The Gods : C.M. Kane

Island Of The Gods

Island Of The Gods A young adult adventure, with a twist. In the nine hundred years since the Gods returned to Earth, much has changed. We are no longer masters of our own world. Tae Rames, a precocious seventeen year old downloads a vid she knows she shouldn’t, and her life is changed for-ever. She discovers that the dead god Loki may not be dead at all, just trapped. She quickly realizes that someone very powerful has gone to a great deal of trouble to keep this secret. She tries to erase the evidence of her snooping but is found out; unfortunately her new enemies mistakenly blame her twin brother and kidnap both him and her mother. Not knowing who

Freaks I’ve Met : Donald Jans

Freaks I've Met

Freaks I’ve Met Spokane, Washington, is nearly perfect for most people, but Jack Fitzpatrick is not one of them. Hours after graduation and armed with his final paycheck from his nemesis, Jack heads for Southern California. Dreams are a dime a dozen in the City of Angels. Broke, barely scraping by, and hating his life as a temp, L.A. is definitely not what Jack expected. But after reading “Best Paying Jobs of 1987” in Time magazine, he decides to go after the only one he thinks he has a shot at: institutional bond broker. Once frustrated that his dazzling lack of experience keeps getting in the way, Jack is ecstatic to land a job at Freedom Capital, a no-name firm

Ship The Kids On Ahead : Bill Stokes

Ship The Kids On Ahead

Ship The Kids On Ahead We all have that one older funny family member. You know the one, he tells stories from his experiences and usually has people rolling their eyes. William Stokes is that person! He presents a delightful collection of memories that are truly life lessons even today! Stokes, through his memories and wit, provides opportunities to learn through laughter, sharing of memories and love. Many will shake their heads in remembrance of similar experiences and crack a smile if not a full on belly laugh! From chapters on “The Hammer is in the Petunias” to “Merry Christmas” one cannot help but feel warm and comforted in those memories he shares that are full of life lessons. His