Caledonian Skies : Hugh Wilson

Caledonian Skies

Caledonian Skies It is February of 1939. International tensions are at an all-time high, and there is little trust in Germany’s new leader as Ian Mackay, a decorated Royal Flying Corps ace of the Great War, settles atop the mountain of Ben Lomond to watch the sunrise. A short time later, Ian observes what he believes is an experimental German reconnaissance airplane spying on Scotland from above. But there are no other witnesses, and the rudimentary radar of the day is unreliable. Ian has seen his share of hardship and unfortunately knows all too well about the realities of war. Still, he is driven to report what he has seen to Scotland’s military intelligence officials; they are skeptical at first

The Black Hand Gang : David Edwards

The Black Hand Gang

The Black Hand Gang 4 friends play a new game on Facebook called world domination. But the secret intelligence services believe that the evil Madam Musseine, MM, is using the game to control the world’s stock markets. They are are recruited by MI6 and the CIA to join MM’s neural network of 100 youngsters in her hideout under Mount Kilimanjaro. Objective – stop MM’s evil plans and save the world. David Edwards, has created an adventure story for 9 – 14 year olds that combines action and pace with technology and social networking in an epic adventure.       Book Links Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon UK On Amazon  

Creek House : Renna Olsen

Creek House

Creek House When Katherine Mitchell moves with her young son, Danny, to the country after the tragic death of her husband, she has no idea of the horrors that await them in Wind Valley. After a series of frightening and mysterious attacks, she discovers the strange and cannibalistic history surrounding her new home and she is terrified to realize that history is repeating itself. With help from new friends, Katherine and Danny prepare to battle an ancient evil awakened in the hills above Wind Valley as well as a wicked presence in their new home.     Book Links Website Facebook Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves : Dianne Ascroft

Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves : Dianne Ascroft

Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves: A Collection of Short Stories Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves is a collection of half a dozen short stories with Irish connections. Tales of outsiders who discover they belong, a humorous slice of life yarn, heartwarming love stories and a tale of taming fear. The shadows are on the wall, in the heart and clouding a woman’s memories while tangible foes tramp through the physical landscape. The stories were previously printed individually in a variety of publications, including Ireland’s Own magazine, Dead Ink Books’ website, and the anthologies, Fermanagh Miscellany and Tuesdays At Charlie’s.       Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

The Healer : Jeffrey G. Roberts

The Healer

The Healer A science fiction novel set in the year 2181. A Dr. is awarded a Harvard grant to travel to Mars, to research the physiology of a long dead race of beings, whose recorded history is contained within the immense Face on Mars. While there, an ancient time/space travel device is discovered; which is how the Martians explored the universe when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. My Dr. is now awarded a N.S.F. grant to use it, to travel to Earth in the year 2013, and solve a medical mystery known as The Alaskan Plague of 2012. But while there, religious fanatics in 2181 Mars have destroyed the time/space device. He is now stranded in a strange and primitive world-

he & She : Wayne Clark

he & She

he & She *** 5-star Silver Medal winner in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite Annual International Award Contest *** A Web photo of a dominatrix sends a man on a last-ditch attempt to feel truly alive one more time, even if it kills him. “… a stylish piece of literary fiction… intellectually engaging throughout. A finely drawn portrait of desire in its fall and winter seasons.”- BlueInk Review “…All in all, this is a delectable novel about a man exploring his unknown sexual fantasies at the price of possibly losing his true self along the way.”- Red City Review Growing numb to life, to his on-and-off girlfriend of many years, his career, even Scotch, a man turns fifty. He is a

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach : Bronwen Webb

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach

The Legend of Wild Horse Beach What is the legend that Millie, Kate and Tom discover at Wild Horse Beach? Millie’s older sister, Lucinda, who is seen as a pest by the younger children, disappears from Wild Horse Beach in mysterious circumstances which reveal the true identity of the wild horses that give the beach its name. After learning that another child, Adam, disappeared from Wild Horse Beach in similar circumstances three years before, Millie, Kate and Tom decide to try to save Lucinda and Adam and travel through a magic gateway into a world where unicorns and dragons battle terrifying enemies. The children soon discover there is no way back to the human world without permission from the unicorn

Achieve Anything In Just One Year : Jason Harvey

Achieve Anything In Just One Year

Achieve Anything In Just One Year Achieve Anything In Just One Year will show you that the key to a successful life is contained in the dreams you already have. You will learn that your aspirations can create new opportunities, a fresh direction for your life’s path and you will find out how to unlock them. You will learn how to: -Set goals and stick with them -Take daily action that creates a ripple effect -Stay motivated, focused and balanced -Feel happier everyday!!! -Define, pursue and celebrate personal success Staying motivated and focused is a must. Achieve Anything in Just One Year provides you with motivation for an entire year. Each day there is an inspirational quote, which is explained