Real Moms Love to Eat : Beth Aldrich

Real Moms Love to Eat

Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous is the perfect handbooks for moms who truly, love to eat. Beth Aldrich takes the reader by the hand to discover how cultivate health and happiness in their families by first focusing on themselves. REAL MOMS LOVE TO EAT is a refreshing healthy eating and book complete with innovative assignments, useful explanations, and careful guidance that focuses more on what can be added to a diet than what should be taken away. This book will provide the tools needed for moms to feel more

The Reality Engineers : William A. Hainline

The Reality Engineers

The Reality Engineers: Volume 1: What Happens At Con Stays At Con “If Kick Ass and Ready Player One had a love child, it would probably resemble something like The Reality Engineers.” — review Terry “Gadget” Anders was once an ordinary inventor who had a lot of free time . . . time in which to invent the tech he’d only read about in comics and dreamed about at the movies. Now, he’s created a machine that grants him unbelievable psionic powers: He can move objects with his mind, and can conjure force-fields from thin air . . . in fact, the only thing he can’t seem to conjure up is a girlfriend! Resigned to his fate, he has

Making Room for George : D Ellis Phelps

Making Room for George

Making Room for George Bet has had it. Twenty-five years of marriage to her husband, Steve; raising three kids; and denying her own needs have left her with the extreme conviction that it is finally her turn to fly. Enter George: Steve’s incorrigible father who’s in trouble. Something has to be done, but, George moving in with Bet and Steve could prove to be more than the family can bear. In between infidelity, resentment, and making room for George, Bet realizes what she’s really been denying. And this, changes everything.     Book Links Website Blog Facebook Twitter On Amazon  

When The Drum Major Died : Anjuelle Floyd

When The Drum Major Died

When The Drum Major Died December 28th, 1967. America has taken a respite from the heated protests and fire bombings that engulfed the nation during the previous summer. Approaching the house where she and her new husband, Redmond, will live, Florina Gavin Austin, two days married, spies a woman sitting on the steps. The woman’s uncanny knowledge of the space that Florina will inhabit leaves Florina feeling ill at ease. Following Sunday services, Florina witnesses the woman she will come to know as Agnes, caress Redmond’s cheek. Florina and Agnes’ husbands, Negro doctors in Poinsettia, hold prominent positions in the social and political life of their community. When Agnes flees to Memphis and joins the Sanitation Workers Protests, all are

Too Broken To Love : Tania Cooper

Too Broken To Love

Too Broken To Love Tragedy sometimes defines our lives, taking away our choice to move forward. But can love repair the damage that is hidden so deep within our soul? Follow the story of Jess’s fight to escape the deep depression she has been drowning in for years since the death of her mother as she strives to reach the normal life she so desperately yearns for and what happens on the night she finally reaches rock bottom, only to be saved by the man that helped to put her there. Wade Hunter, struggling with the pressures in his own life, knows he needs to make some drastic changes to his workaholic ways so he can finally have the time

Terminal Life : Richard Torregrossa

Terminal Life : A Suited Hero Novel

Terminal Life : A Suited Hero Novel Luke Stark, a Special Forces veteran, returns home from his second tour in Afghanistan to learn that his wife has been mysteriously murdered and his son has disappeared. These tragedies, in addition to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, push him over the edge. He has also been diagnosed with an incipient form of cancer, but he forgoes treatment, a decision that is akin to a slow suicide. Although he languishes in a shelter, he wears an impeccable suit, an eccentric characteristic that sets him apart from his fellow down-and-outers and just about everybody else. He is nicknamed, somewhat ironically, The Suited Hero. Revenge and the search for his son spark a kind of

Anonymous : P. Sherman


Anonymous Full of suspense, mystery, and drama, this thrilling page-turner opens with a young man siting perched at his laptop at a popular café in Paris de Amour when, all of a sudden, he catches the reflection of an unidentified shadow on his computer screen. He swiftly packs up his belongings and runs off into the crowded town hub, desperately trying to escape the shadowy figure stalking behind him! The young man’s name is Jake, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Jake’s true identity is that of a computer hacker associated with the infamous hacker organization ANONYMOUS! And so, there are numerous forces out to find him, some determined to expose him and others determined