Battle Cry : Kris Power

Battle Cry

Battle Cry : Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life When the battles of life are raging, it is easy to feel forsaken and hopeless. Moving forward can seem like a daily fight, with no hope for true healing. When we are hit with tragedy—the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, an illness, or a divorce—we need more than a simple pick-me-up. We need someone to walk alongside us and lighten our load. We desperately need the hope of a Savior and Friend. In Battle Cry: Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life, author Kris Power shares her story of suffering while challenging you to dig deep and find healing. She opens her heart

Having a Whaley of a Time : Donna Keeley

Having a Whaley of a Time

Having a Whaley of a Time “Having a Whaley of a Time” is the first book in the Paranormal Mystery series by Donna Keeley. The books blend fact and fiction by weaving a fictional mystery that takes place in real, historical places. Documented ghosts from the location are incorporated into the story. The series centers on former investigative reporter Shannon MacIntyre who finds she can see and speak to ghosts following a near-death experience. Being so grounded in fact it’s a difficult transition for Shannon, who tells the stories from her point of view and the sarcasm flows freely. The first book takes the reader through Shannon’s backstory, her near-fatal heart attack, and subsequent discovery of her new abilities. She

Congo Fantasy : Shirley Matthews

Congo Fantasy

Congo Fantasy Three best friends have just finished school and made ambitious plans to become rich and famous. Duncan, the dreamer, reads a book about a group of explorers who venture into the Congo to hunt for lost tribes. Jason, always adventurous, is easy to persuade. Together they encourage the quiet and timid Simon, whose dream is to become a photographer, to join them. While their plan was still in progress, Duncan goes on a fishing trip with his father and gets caught in a pig stampede. He captures a baby crocodile and plans to take it home. Jason has just bought a motorbike and hopes to travel around Australia. After meeting three other boys, they ran into trouble when

United States of Europe : Ken Jack

United States of Europe

United States of Europe In a Britain not too far in the future, the newly-elected Prime Minister decides to pull the country out of what has become the United States of Europe. But the all-powerful President of the Union says no. When Britain decides to ignore this veto, and the President reacts, events spiral out of the control of both men – in very different ways. A military solution and a military response, together with mass resistance, sends the whole of Europe teetering towards nuclear war…. Book Links Website Amazon Author Page On Amazon UK On Amazon  

The Birth of Death : Joseph Macolino

The Birth of Death

The Birth of Death Artimus, the head investigator for the elvish kingdom of Erathal, is disturbed when he discovers that the culprit behind a recent string of kidnappings presents the greatest threat the world of Evorath has ever seen. As he develops feelings for Savannah, a beautiful elvish druid hiding a great secret, he struggles to separate his personal feelings from his responsibilities to the crown. Meanwhile, Irontail, a young centaur warrior, endeavors to find his way in a tribe where independent thought is discouraged. When their paths cross, the entire forest must unite, performing an ancient ritual to combat this new evil. While the world of Evorath deals with this great threat, Artimus and his companions must put their

The Lost Hadith : S. Milsap Thorpe

The Lost Hadith

The Lost Hadith WHY WERE SOME ACCOUNTS OF MUHAMMAD NOT INCLUDED IN THE OFFICIAL RECORD? Baghdad, 2005, Operation Iraqi Freedom. In a race to stay ahead of warring Islamic factions, the CIA tasks national Guardsman Patrick Burns (a professor of religion in civilian life) to find the lost writings about Muhammad. While deciphering the Arabic clues and symbols found on a pendant that belonged to A’isha, Muhammad’s wife, Burns is pained to discover this fool’s errand has taken a turn when the Islamic clerics team up and kidnap his daughter in an effort to extort The Lost Hadith from him. The CIA learns that Burns plans to exchange the Hadith for his daughter, which they cannot allow. Based on actual

Lost Love : Sherrie Sushko

Lost Love

Lost Love For Eric, recently engaged to his soul mate Abby and starting a promising new career, life has never been happier or felt more secure. Between planning his upcoming wedding and building his new business, his future is brighter than ever before. Things begin to change, however, when Eric receives an unexpected communication from Larissa, a love from his past. Seeming to need his help, Eric is torn – should he reach out and help Larissa at the risk of losing Abby? As strange events begin to unfold – mysterious phone calls and the peculiar appearance of daffodils – Eric finds an increasing sense of urgency to help Larissa, a girl with a troubled past, despite the toll that

The Kreuzvogel Experiment : Norman T. Bradford

The Kreuzvogel Experiment

The Kreuzvogel Experiment The Kreuzvogel Experiment is a fictional Sci-fi thriller about main characters, HOWARD ‘Howie’ BRICE, MIRIAM BERKOWITZ, and twins, RONALD and DONALD WHITEHEAD. They were part of a group infants born in April, 1936. They were secretly given an experimental growth serum by Doktor ERNST KREUZVOGEL, alias Doctor DAVID VOGELMANN. In the year 2016 at the age of eighty, they were still healthy and virile. They discovered however, they were being stalked and murdered, and their blood harvested and converted into a serum for the members of, Das Neue Dritte Reich, (The New Third Reich) a neo-Nazi organization. The story is divided into four parts: Part I – 1934 Heidelberg. Doktor KREUZVOGEL, Professor of Experimental Endocrinology arrives at