Sofa Games : Shadir KeeneSofa Games

Gemma continues her insatiable suburban sexual adventures in ‘Sofa Games’ with her old friends Maggie and Luke, but keeps her lustful eyes open for new friends to join her wild ride. With the years now ticking into her late forties, Gemma is in a rush to make up for the years she thinks of now as lost time.

While her husband Steve finally cedes to her pleading to become more assertive in their adventures, and surprises her with the results of his male lust, it is when one of her own crazy notions enters the realms of possibility that she finds a new and surprisingly willing couple to join her and Steve in their wicked games.

From then on, there is no stopping Gemma as her insatiable appetite takes over and leads her to bridges she never thought she or Steve would cross.

Only read ‘Sofa Games’ if you are ready to take a wild and erotic ride as Gemma throws all caution to the wind in her quest to satiate her husband, and her own deep, secret and most carnal of desires.

This book is definitely not suitable to readers under 18.

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Sofa Games : Shadir Keene

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