Me, Him & Her : Shadir KeeneMe, Him & Her

After having Lady Luck shine upon them, Lyn and Mike leave the sordid past behind and move back to the city, hoping to start their life, and marriage afresh. With Mike having found a good job, and moving into their new city apartment, they are hopeful and very optimistic, and for the first time in years, they have a little money in the bank, and a good salary, to allow them to live comfortably and worry free.

As happy as Lyn is with their change of fortune, and keen to get back on her feet and find a job for herself, there remains one part of her life that she has yet to resolve. Debbie.

No matter how fortunate she feels, or how much she loves her husband, Lyn discovers that her affection, desire and perhaps even love for Debbie only grows, as they begin to see each other more and more often.

Wanting to find a way to balance her life, her love for her husband, and now, how her heart feels when she is with, and apart from Debbie, Lyn tries to find a way to fit him and her in her life.

Find out more about Lyn’s loves in Me, Him & Her. The third and last Lyn’s Tale, by Shadir Keene.

Please Note: This book is definitely not suitable for readers under 18.

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Me, Him & Her : Shadir Keene

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