Sex with strangers by Shadir KeeneSex With Strangers – Gemma’s Story

Married, middle aged, bored and feeling totally undesirable, Gemma decides enough is enough and sets her mind to finding a radical and very dangerous solution to her problem. Watching her husband fall lower and lower into a pit of routine, television and a complete disinterest in her, and with the admission that she has herself become boringly dreary and suburban, she takes matters into her own hands and soon finds a willing ally in Maggie.

At first she believes she will light a fire in her husband that will rekindle the passion in their marriage she so desires, but suddenly has doubts about the intentions of her sexy ally, and the direction of the new found lust Maggie ignites in her husband. Soon, feelings of jealousy rage within her along with a loss of self respect and disgust as she discovers the dangers in playing with sex, primal desires and the confused passions that come with having sex with strangers.

Faced with choice between retreat or attack, Gemma ignores her fears and finds what she has craved for so many years. Intense excitement, insatiable desire and then most surprisingly of all, compassion, love and warmth from her husband – and Maggie.

Only read Gemma’s story if you are ready to take a wild and erotic ride as she throws all caution to the wind in her quest to satiate her husband, and her own deep, secret and most carnal of desires.

Note: This book is not suitable for readers under 18.

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Sex with Strangers : Shadir Keene

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