Gemma's Story - No Limits : Shadir KeeneGemma’s Story – No Limits

After discovering the excitement of having Sex With Stangers, Gemma continues her suburban sexual adventures with her husband Steve, and their new found lovers, Maggie and Luke in a new story. ‘No Limits’. Together they find new and forbidden pleasures that only serve to heighten Gemma’s lust for more daring, a little danger, and the gratification of her deepest and most secret of carnal desires.

No Limits is the new rule Gemma sets and abides by as she takes her lust to the absolute extreme, but in the process, she discovers secrets that have been buried deep in her husband’s mind that boil to the surface as he takes a more proactive role in their shared sexual adventures. Then when Steve takes control, he asks Lucy, a young, pretty and delicious friend to help him in taking Gemma to the absolute precipice of her sexual limits.

Only read Gemma’s Story if you are ready to take a wild, wet and hot erotic ride as she throws all caution to the wind in her quest to satiate her husband and her own deep, secret and most carnal of desires.

Please Note: This book is definitely not suitable for readers under 18.

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No Limits : Shadir Keene

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