Retire Early, Live Cheap and RV Travel : Kay BennettA solo woman’s journey to Early Retirement with RV Full Time Living

This is all about Kay’s journey of researching RVs for 2 or 3 years, and living and traveling in her RV fulltime for the past 2 or more years. She covers everything she went thru from research and how to find the RV that is the right size for you. She talks about how to downsize and how to get your mail.

Retire Early, Live Cheap and RV Travels is a practical guide to show you how to retire early. Includes the steps taken to achieve good results.

This book explains how to find an RV, how to find great RV sites and even explains camping for free. All your questions answered.

Included is a detailed expense report covering 3 years. Great help in learning about cheap living when your goal is to save money.

Great guide to show you how you can retire early and enjoy traveling the US.

Proceeds go towards helping senior women who are living in their vehicles through where Kay writes a blog.

Book chapters include: my history, buying an RV, knowing your systems, deciding where to travel, travel day tips, what size RV is right for you, how to downsize, socializing on the road, styles of camping and boondocking, mail and residential address, safety concerns, staying connected with internet, actual expenses for 3 years and remote work.

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Retire Early, Live Cheap and RV Travel : Kay Bennett

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