Queen of Clubs : Sable RaeQueen of Clubs: Hot Halloween Party

Handsome model and escort—Mitch Larsen—yearns for the comfort of a steady relationship, but in his haste, rolls from one unsuitable woman to the next. His best buddy and co-worker—Ben Wexford—warns Mitch of each impending disaster.

Bringing his moody and drunken girlfriend—Jenna Sparks—to this year’s raunchy Halloween Bash is cause for concern. Mitch is tempted to drive past her home without stopping, but he did make a promise to take her.

The wild and sexy Halloween party is in full swing when Mitch arrives. Dressed as a Roman Gladiator, he’s hoping to find some dirty action, especially an orgy. He sees plenty of bare flesh, and among the crowded dance-floor he spots his new quest: the Queen of Clubs. She’s gorgeous, she has stamina, and she’s a sexpot.

Professionally, Mitch can do no wrong in the eyes of his classy boss—Pamela Fontaine—until his poor judgment causes mayhem. Mitch is worried his solid career with Fontaine Blue Agency is crumbling around him.

Mitch longs to have sex with the Queen of Clubs, but one bad situation after another keeps them apart. He’s unsure if they’ll ever meet again, let alone make pornography together.

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Hot Halloween Party is a novella of approximately 26,000 words and is the first in the Fontaine Blue Halloween series.

Follow Mitch Larsen as he deals with the pleasures and problems at his naughty workplace. Remember to breathe when he attends the X-rated Halloween party where anything goes. Feel his frustration when he goes to the raucous exhibition that introduces the salivating customers to Fontaine Blue Agency’s new line of naked female playing cards.

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Hot Halloween Party is a raunchy read that follows a desperate man’s quest to find companionship… and exceptionally hot sex!

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Queen of Clubs : Sable Rae

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