Politically Corrected : Kurt M. DiClementiKurt M. DiClementi wrote the novel Politically Corrected to challenge the notion that political solutions can affect a change in the hearts of those who have grown incorrigibly evil through amassing exorbitant amounts of wealth and power and ruthlessly subjugating others to their tyranny.

This book was written as a wake-up call that seeks to demonstrate that our leaders have gone from being representatives of the people to being despotic rulers, bringing us to the precipice of a civil war. Politically Corrected suggests that we have far more to fear from our own government than we do from China, Russia, Iran, or any other phantom of distraction our government invokes.

Using his personal experiences living in countries run by socialist and communist regimes, DiClementi pushes against the corruption inherent in those political parties and individual leaders. Considering the poor standard of living that is endured by people living under socialism and communism, DiClementi knows those are not the answer to America’s social, monetary, and political disparities.

The ultimate moral of Politically Corrected is not that any given race or political party is better than the other but that power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts leaders and private citizens alike.

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Politically Corrected : Kurt M. DiClementi

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