My Friend's Husband : Susan ElizabethMy Friend’s Husband

Kim is a nurse. After working a long shift well into the late night hours all she wants to do is sleep, but her phone startles her awake.

Her friend from High School, Beth, has a proposition for her. Go over to her house and pretend to be her, so her soon to be ex-husband won’t suspect she’s out with a late night rendezvous which could screw up her divorce settlement.

Beth doesn’t realize that Logan, the man Beth is married to, is Kim’s secret love from back in high school.

Can Kim pull this off?

Yes, her and Beth are like twins. Their bodies are, anyway. As long as it’s dark no one will be the wiser, right?

One night with Beth’s husband could be a dream come true. She has always desired him.

But is Beth telling the whole truth? Is there an ulterior motive to her scheming?

Kim doesn’t care. She plans on being in his bed when he gets home and she plans on taking what she wants. All that he has to offer.

But what happens in the morning?

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