Full Moon Rising : J. B. JennFull Moon Rising (Book 1 of the Wolf Trilogy)

After receiving a shocking prophecy that can’t possibly be true about a unique werewolf who is destined to protect his daughter who is one day fated to save the known world, Constin makes a critical decision to leave Heartfield and the church he has called home for years in an attempt to protect his daughter.

But it seems from the moment he makes the decision, trouble follows them, beginning with the army at the gates of Heartfield, which in turn forces him to make the choice to flee through the forest. The only problem now is that they need a guide. Although his friend in the city is able to help him, Constin and the others soon find that the guide isn’t a friendly man.
Unfortunately, they have no choice but to hire him.

As they are taken through the forest, they find themselves on the edge of a road, leading to what Constin believes is safety. However, their future takes a turn for the worst. Someone has attacked them. During the struggle, the group is separated and Constin discovers that he has no idea where Olesa is.

Refusing to give up hope, Constin soon discovers that his daughter is taken by slavers, but they aren’t ordinary slavers. They are elves; the scourge of the land; the fantasy of delusional men. Although her future is dire as some cities still deal in slaves, he now knows where to start looking for her.

Their lives will be changed forever. Their resolve will be tested. Their faith will be challenged. And the freedom they all love and took for granted will be in jeopardy. But in the end, they will face a more dangerous and powerful adversary than what they had been running from.

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Full Moon Rising : J. B. Jenn
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