Grace To Love : T. FieldsAs you can see, the spirit of strife does not play fair. It is something to deal with. It changes your mood quickly and can be contagious. It tries to bait and hook you like a fish.

If you pay attention you can detect when someone makes a statement or asks you a question that is strifeful. You’ll see it in their mannerisms. It will demand a comment or answer the is strifeful as well.

The person may not know it, but the enemy is using them to that you so you can also be in strife mode.

As with any demonic spirit, the way to win the spiritual battle is with the word to God. Study and confess the word of God on this spirit. It will give you more insight on the spirit of Strife. Thank God for his word and his love and peace he gave us as a precious gift.

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Grace To Love : T. Fields

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