Beneath the SurfaceBeneath the Surface – The Lost Boy

Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy is a futuristic science fiction adventure mixed with ancient Celtic and Norse myths. An unusual boy is born on a spaceship bound for the planet Midgard, but his very birth brings sorrow to his family. Out of grief for the loss of their mother, Sean Archer abandons his baby brother in the forest by an old oak tree.

He goes away hunting, never realizing the full consequences of his heartless act. The mysterious Queen of the Forest finds the sad, abandoned child and comforts him, but upon witnessing horrific visions of his future, she decides to steal him away into the Otherworld to protect him from it. When Sean returns and finds Erren gone, guilt strikes him down and he becomes repentant.

He then begins his noble quest to find his lost brother, to right the wrong he had done, unaware that his search is awakening his latent telepathic gift. Inevitably, he comes to realize that the longer he hunts, the more he doubts his sanity. The forest becomes haunted as the mystical Queen Elaya tries to stop him from taking her little boy.

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