Owen Parker : Chris Bellenot and Arthur PendragonOwen Parker: Rhino Connection

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to wildlife conservation dedicated to save the rhinos.

On a warm African night, an adult rhino collapses in the grass and breathes its last. Minutes earlier, poachers had brutally hacked off its horn and fled with their treasure. It is a fact that myths, greed and corruption are behind the illegal trade of rhino horns.

Owen Parker, a young conservationist, is sucked into a death-threatening journey crossing the path of this trafficking reckless organization which is ready to break all the rules to reach their precious prize. Owen possesses instinctive survival skills. Will it be sufficient to stay alive in this maze full of violence, dishonesty and appetite for more money…?

This sequel describing the adventures of Owen Parker has two main purposes. The obvious aim is to entertain readers with action-driven books of fiction based on facts. Beyond this lies a deeper intention. The beauty and majesty of wildlife and nature are under threat from external pressure from a variety of sources. We strongly believe that each individual can make a difference by acting to reduce this threat and thereby contribute to the preservation of our fragile environment. Through the character of Owen Parker, we aim to promote the conservation of wildlife.

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Owen Parker : Chris Bellenot and Arthur Pendragon

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