CARR : Trisha NikoleCARR

Adjusting to life after high school is tricky enough as it is. Add to that a stagnated vlogging career and a hunger for attention and things get complicated for eighteen-year-old Carr Lark, whose enjoyment of his freshman year in university has so far been tainted not only by malaise but also constant antagonism with his former classmate Kit Lee.

Though antagonism might be too strong a word. It isn’t Carr’s fault that Kit is out to irritate him as much as possible. It isn’t Carr’s fault that Kit is so easy to hate in return. It isn’t Carr’s fault, either, that one of his social media posts about Kit leads to a dating rumor that catapults him into everyone’s Discover pages. But it might partly be his fault that the two of them decide to grit their teeth and take advantage of the misunderstanding to fake a relationship, antagonism be damned.

Over the course of eleven weeks, Carr has to learn to distinguish which parts of his life are indeed his fault—and, along the way, learn to distinguish between the harm and the good that social media brings, between friend and acquaintance, between the past and the present, and, hand-in-hand with Kit, between love and hate.

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CARR : Trisha Nikole

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