A Tall Dark Sin : M. Anthony Phillips

A Tall Dark Sin : M. Anthony Phillips

A Tall Dark Sin : M. Anthony PhillipsA dark and mysterious man returns home to New Orleans in 1957 after being given up by his father because his new wife didn’t feel his skin color would fit into their climb into the social elite in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans.

Dorian Lancaster, a thirty-year-old, Colored man from Denver, Colorado, received a letter in the mail from someone he thought he’d never hear from again, his father, Oscar Broussard. Oscar Broussard is a prominent Creole Colored man from the Seventh Ward who owns a big Molasses plant in town and has been married to his wife Margarite, a socialite who believes in keeping their status of the Crème of the Crop in the community.

In the letter, Dorian reads that Oscar is on his death bed and that he is requesting his presence one last time. Dorian, after being on his own for quite a long time after being sent to his mother’s family as a child but ran away, is a construction foreman after a prominent businessman took a chance on him. Dorian’s mother, Lorraine, left him and Oscar to pursue her Blues career, so Dorian grew up hard and traveled across the country by train riding the rods. He faced many hardships and racism before making his way to Denver.

Oscar Broussard has his trepidations dealing with his biggest rival, his old friend Auguste Dupree, the biggest entrepreneur in the Seventh Ward and owner of his newspaper the Pontchartrain Gazette. Years ago, when they were teens, Oscar and Auguste were involved in a dice game that ended with a man being killed in a knife fight with Oscar. Auguste is now blackmailing Oscar for the deed to his estate that caused him to have a stroke from the stress. Oscar’s lawyer, Murray Jacobs has sent for Dorian to come and fight for a man he hasn’t seen in twenty-five years and a town he doesn’t know.

Arriving in town as a tall, dark stranger exuding magnetism that stirs up trouble at every turn, including going after Auguste’s three attractive daughters and fighting the Ku Klux Klan. Dorian doesn’t know it, but this town has dark mysteries and secrets of its’ own and has swallowed up the strongest of men in this compelling and sexy drama.

Carr Square (The Village)  and Hard Times: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Nathan “The King Cobra” Washington by M. Anthony Phillips is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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